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Tired of filling in the same information again and again for different college applications? College App Autofill (Autofill+) saves you time in the college app process by sending your profile to multiple college app websites automatically, each in a matter of seconds.

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How Does This Work?

Autofill+ delivers your information to college app websites by opening a tab in your browser and simulating user actions such as going to a URL, clicking a button, and typing. For each college app, Autofill+ is given a tailored set of instructions to help it navigate through the respective website and fill in user information efficiently and securely. The process of delivering your data is performed locally, on your computer, inside your browser, as Autofill+ is a verified chrome extension. Below are the steps a typical user goes through while using Autofill+:

  1. The college applicant fills in the information that they would like Autofill+ to send to college app websites for them.
  2. When they have filled in data to their satisfaction, the applicant sends their data to be stored remotely and securely in the servers of Autofill+. More on how your information is handled: Privacy Policy (external link).
  3. When the applicant wishes, they may now select a college app (e.g. Common App, Coalition App, etc.), and Autofill+ will navigate to the website of that app and automatically fill in as much information as possible given what date the user has provided.

And that's how Autofill+ saves your time -- with it, you only need to fill out certain information once, and Autofill+ will handle the delivery of those information for you. For guided instructions on how to performs these above steps, go ahead and download the app yourself!

Limitations of Autofill+

Autofill+ is still starting out, and as a result it is still quite limited in a few areas. However, we are currently working hard and making improvements to address these limitations. As a token of honesty, we have listed these limitations below:

To see the ongoing efforts and future updates to improve Autofill+, see below in the "Upcoming" section.

Upcoming Features and Improvements